Serious injuries can occur so please keep safe by following our safety rules.
If unsure please ask our friendly staff.

  • NO climbing or hanging on nets or walls
  • NO double bouncing
  • NO wrestling, tackling, pushing or shoving
  • NO double flips
  • NO sitting or lying on the trampolines
  • NO more than 1 jumper on each trampoline base at a time
  • NO jumping on the safety padding
  • NO landing or diving head first
  • NO balls or throwing any objects (except Dodgeball court)
  • NO shoes
  • NO food, drinks, phones, cameras, belts or any sharp objects while on trampolines
  • NO smoking, drugs or alcohol
  • DO jump within your comfort zone and skill level
  • DO be mindful and respectful of all other jumpers
  • DO watch out for other jumpers and smaller children
  • DO wear your Gravity X grip socks at all times
  • DO remove any jewellery and everything from your pockets
  • DO wear your Gravity X wristband
  • Small participants have RIGHT of WAY
  *** Any person found not to be complying with the safety rules and regulations may be asked to leave the trampoline area and/or the premises immediately.
  *** Any person thought to be affected by drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately
  *** Any person found to be behaving in a bullying, violent, threatening or aggressive manner will be asked to leave the premises immediately.


By participating in activities you agree to our terms and conditions of entry displayed throughout Gravity X


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